Members Voted at the 2015 Annual Meeting

Dr. Wang Presenting

Dr. Wu Presenting

Dr. Zhang Presenting

Dr. Pei Presented with a Certificate for Service

CAST-WV was established in association with WVCAPA to provide an academic platform for Chinese American professors across the State of West Virginia for the development of successful, professional career and the recognition by our peers.

Our visions: The collective visions of CAST-WV/ WVCAPA are summarized in the prioritized activities defined as

(1) Unite ethnic Chinese professors across WV;

(2) To serve as a bridge between the Chinese scholars in CAST-WV chapter and other chapters of CAST-USA;

(3) Create a vibrant intellectual environment to enhance ethnic Chinese professors’ career development;

(4) Provide multilateral support among members.

We encourage the active participation of ethnic Chinese American professors to make shared-contribution to the development of our organization.



Dr. Hangting Zhang, President: hzhang@mail.wvu.edu

Dr. Liying Wang, Vice President: wangly6@gmail.com

Dr. Li Jin, Treasurer: lijin@mail.wvu.edu

Peng Zheng, Secretary: pzheng1@mix.wvu.edu